About Me - Tyler Sichelski Photography

My name is Tyler Sichelski (pronounced Sick-el-ski), and I’m a professional photographer based in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was born in Denver, CO and raised in Illinois. I have a beautiful fiancé, and soon-to-be step daughter. I got into photography about 10 years ago while doing freelance graphic design. I’ve been fascinated with the cosmos since I was a little kid, and astrophotography was something I wanted to do ever since seeing a picture of the Milky Way in National Geographic as a teen. In 2013, I moved from the light polluted skies of Illinois to Arizona for a job relocation. I was so excited, as my late uncle always watched westerns growing up, and I was fascinated by the Sonoran desert. It was so alien to me, and I still love seeing it every day. I upgraded to a DSLR as soon as I settled in, and started learning astrophotography. I tend to be hyper-focused when learning something I’m very interested in, and I spent a lot of hours in the first year learning everything I could. In 2015, I made the decision to become a part-time professional selling prints, and educating. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to help thousands of people learn more about astrophotography, and I hope I can continue that.

Also in 2015, I witnessed the birth of a wild horse in the Tonto National Forest while location scouting, and I would never be the same. I was completely blown away to witness them in person, in their natural state. I immediately felt the pull into that world, and over 2 years later, I’m more involved than ever. I not only photograph them, but volunteer every week with an advocacy organization for the Salt River wild horses.

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